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6 negative reviews in 7 years of business.

Starts too many conversations. As an introvert, the compliments I get on this tie are over the top. I don't want to wear it anymore. ENOUGH WITH THE WOOD PUNS ALREADY!

Chris N, NJ

I gave it as a gag gift. But when he opened it, the room exploded with amazement and everyone wanted to get one for themselves. The tie came with a personal letter and a legit wax seal! It's also insanely flexible and just as light as a silk tie. Three stars for NOT being the GAG gift I hoped for!

Jennifer H, California

I gave it to my husband for his birthday. For some reason he just wears it under his shirt-- Maybe cause I can't resist removing said shirt to stroke the aromatic cedar.

Taylor, Provo Utah




Every order placed plants a tree. At Christmas time we donate thousands of dollars each year to Each time you buy one of our handcrafted products, you help us #spreadthewood

The fact that we've had less than 10 negative reviews in over 8 years of business should say something to our quality productand personalized service. Each and every wood product is individually hand-crafted in the state of Utah -- individually cut, sanded, polished, engraved, and packaged to generate top knot-ch satisfaction for both giver and receiver.

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