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Q: What’s on the backside of the tie?

A: Each tie has a quality wool backing that has been hand-felted and proofed for endurance, aesthetics, and comfortability.

Q: How do the neck ties attach around your neck?

A: The wooden ties are attached using the classic bow-tie-style adjustable elastic strap with the hook-and-eye connection.  Three simple steps: 1. Adjust 2. Hook 3. Smolder

Q: How flexible are the ties?

A: Each tie consists of several segments, allowing it to flex in up to 55 different locations, depending on the style. Basically, they’re freaking flexible. Ranking of flexibility from most to least flexible: Lorem Ipsum, Rustic Lux, El Capitan, El Rey, Kapo, and then Cesil, Harambe, and Vendetta are about the same (still quite flexible, considering these things are made of hardwoods.


Q: When can I expect my shipment to arrive?

A: Please allow 3-10 business days after order is confirmed. Each order is personally handcrafted, and although we are 100% committed to doing what it takes (including staying up till 3:45am in a freezing cold shop) to get these to you as soon as un-humanly possible, some things are simply out of our control (not uncommonly surrounding USPS and holidays), so please allow 3-10 business days (average: 5 days) after order is received for your package(s) to arrive. Priority shipping via usps will be charged at a flat discounted rate during checkout for all within the United States. Hashtag heck-yeah-baby!

Q: What size should I order?

A: Humans vary in shape and size. That is why we have decided to offer FIVE different lengths! Measurements are made from the top of the “knot” to the bottom of the tie. 20″ is by far the most popular sizes. Normally those between 5’5″-5’8″ do very well with the 18.5″, where those 5’9”-6’ are happy with the 20″ (considering somewhat “standard” size torsos).

*Our suggestion: Don’t fret it. Guestimate- use that “gut” feeling, and it will almost always work out swell! Also, when in doubt, a suit jacket works miracles.  

Q: Returns?

A: Unfortunately, due to the unique attributes and huge variety of options among products, each tie is custom made to order, and all sales are final. Please choose carefully your product, including size, style, and wood type. We double and triple check on quality and are committed to giving you a top knotch consumer experience, whether you’re knotty or nice (thanks for being nice).

Q: How much do the ties weigh?

A: Depending on wood type and size, each tie weighs around 6 oz. That’s a small fraction of the weight of a newborn hamster! (yep, look it up!)

Q: What would a wand made out of Thestral bone look like? Or would it?

A: Hold your horses(?)!  We are working on a couple prototypes…


*HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION? Feel free to contact us directly.