Wedding coming up? Reach out for BIG discounts on 10+ ties.


In the Beginning...

Was the Wood...


Wood Leon (Pronounced "Wood Lay-Own"), combines antique elements and modern woodworking technology to create beautiful, eco-supportive conversation starters.

Both the 3D bowties and flexible neckties go great with any shirt color, and are suitable for every occasion. Much more than a stiff stick with a string, each geometrically designed tie weighs under 8oz (less than a newborn hampster), with the choice of 10 unique patterns and 5 different wood types/colors, including Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Cedar, and African Mahogany (with custom options available).

All products from WoodLeon are handmade in Orem, Utah, from highly sustainable, ethically harvested domestic hardwoods, personally picked by the company's owner, a passionate wood connoisseur, and then packaged to perfection, wax sealed with a personal note of thanks, and shipped priority mail to your door.

Most people are too scared to try something new. But for the respectfully rebellious, conservatively confident, and those who are courageous enough to enter the chaos of the unknown, these ties are starting conversation and turning heads, left and right.

Spread the wood; grab some sexy neck lumber.