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Our first Blog! IN THE BEGINNING...


Wood Leon… Our Story: 

WoodLeon launched as a passion project in early 2017, when Spencer (Founder/CEO) was found going mach-10 down American Fork canyon on his motorcycle in nothing but his home-made zebra/lion shorts.
That’s when something hit him square in the noggin: An idea...
Sick from reading too much? Just watch these short funny videos instead:
As the legend goes, Spencer made the initial proto-tie-p (this hyphonated word was indeed an intended pun), wore it to church, talked to 5 or 1 women, and then moved into his mom’s basement. No, not for the scent of fresh paint, but to swan dive into a glorious new beginning- an escape from the trenches of boring school lectures and impossibly impotent homework assignments, and into the world of wooden gifts and smiles. Upon being kindly dejected from his mother’s garage for the mess, and with growing demand, the shop was forced to expand. And this is where we’re at now!
In Spencer’s words: “I started WoodLeon simply as a passion project. While creating a logo during an advertising class at BYU, my professor challenged us to do a project outside of school that we could be proud of. As the logo evolved, the excitement increased, as the idea of flexible neck lumber was born. In my moms garage I made the first necktie, and it was just like all the others: thick, heavy, and painful when you sat down . From there it progressed. Hundreds of methods were attempted, until the greatest of quality was achieved, and I became known as the tie guy. People REMEMBER people with wooden ties. Since officially launching in October of 2017, WoodLeon has seen HUGE organic growth, as customers on their own, help to #SpreadtheWood
We hope you enjoy the gift of giving as much as we love giving that gift to fellow givers. -The Giver. 
(Spencer, Owner/Founder selling ties at Orem Summer Fest, 2018)
A small snippet regarding the Wood Leon:
Wood Leon (Pronounced "Wood Lay-Own") is for the daringly dapper; the pro with personality; the lion that will laugh. Wood Leon combines antique elements and modern woodworking technology to create beautiful, eco-supportive conversation starters. Most people are too scared to try something new. But for the respectfully rebellious, conservatively confident, and those who are courageous enough to enter the chaos of the unknown, these ties are starting conversation bringing memorable experiences and smiles to givers and receivers alike.
Hughes Wedding, September 2019. 
Unlike a stiff stick with a string attached, each geometrically designed tie weighs under 8oz (yes; less than a newborn hampster), with the choice of 10 unique styles, varying sizes, and multiple wood species.  100% hand-felted wool used as the backing, an adjustable elastic neck attachment, 0.1" thin wood, and 10-50 pieces allows each piece of sexy neck lumber to flex with every movement. Plus some.
All products from WoodLeon are handmade in Orem, Utah, from highly sustainable, ethically harvested domestic hardwoods, personally picked by the company's owner -a passionate wood connoisseur- then wax sealed with a personal note of care, packaged to perfection, and shipped USPS Priority mail to your door. 
Packaged perfectly to give as a gift, these ties are meant to please the man who has it all already. With over a thousand ties made and delivered, we still have yet to receive one single complaint. Check out our reviews for just a tiny portion.
It’s time to end the floral frenzie!  Grab some "neck lumber" or other kingly wood gifts right now, at #spreadthewood
Enjoy our Christmas Ad- written by: Spencer Hughes  Filmed by: Ben Fuller
Also check out or FAQS page or CONTACT page for any other questions!



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