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Five Amazing Wooden Creations to Behold

Have you ever thought about how incredible wood is? All of the things we can create with it? Truly, we are so blessed to have such an amazing natural resource. With it, we can help build homes; fuel fires for cooking and warmth; help bring joy to small children through trinkets and games; and a host of other things. It is one of the most abundant natural materials in the world. We can count ourselves fortunate when we live in a land with plentiful forests, while places like Iceland and Qatar have few trees and may struggle to provide the same conveniences that wood helps to provide. Wood can be a truly beautiful thing, and, in this blog, we'll dive into five incredible wood creations that will hopefully bring out the artist inside of you and help you connect with mother Earth and . . . nephew wood.


#1 The Sea Horse

Artist, Jeffro Uitto

This is but one of the many wooden creations by Jeffro Uitto. His shop, Knock on Wood, is located near the Tokeland Hotel in Washington close to Willapa Bay. The wood used in Jeffro's creations is actually not simply from a lumber mill, but is rescued from the valleys between the Willapa Hills and on the shores of Tokeland and going along Smith's Creek. Jeffro has done work in Tokeland, Hawaii, Alaska, and has had work featured in Chicago. 


#2 Ana Crowne Plaza Hotel Hiroshima Chapel

Architect, Nikken Space Design

This wooden masterpiece resides in Hiroshima Japan at the Ana Crown Plaza Hotel. The interior ceiling is made up of 100 hand-carved panels and resembles a tree overarching the chapel. If the delicate, intricate wooden tapestry weren't enough, a garden can even be seen behind the pulpit, adding to overall natural, earthen quality of the creation. Collectively the area helps send a message to the world of Japan's spiritual and peaceful values.


#3 Tree House at The Enchanted Forest in British Columbia

This awe-inspiring treehouse is British Columbia's highest and resides in The Enchanted Forest theme park, started by Doris and Ernest Needham in the 1950's. The park itself is a montage and tribute to various magical villains and heroes, with the tree house itself providing perhaps the ultimate forest spectacle for visitors. The park remains in the family and is, along with this awe-inspiring tree dwelling, able to help bring adults back to their youth and help youth more fully find the magic of their younger years.


#4 Splinter

Designer, Joe Harmon


Meet Splinter, as of over a decade ago the world's fastest supercar made of wood, faster than a Porsche or Lamborghini. Equipped with a twin supercharged V8 engine, it has more than two hundred more brake horse power than a Porsche 911. You might not think this could stack up to other supercars, but the Splinter reaches a top speed of 240 mph, beating out even a Lamborghini. The car is lighter-weight, composed of maple, plywood, and medium-density fibreboard. This unique supercar is stunning proof of the awesome functionality and aesthetic power wood can offer.


#5 Rafiki

Designer, Spencer Hughes

Rafiki Tie

Now, you didn't think we would leave out one of our own creations, did you? As many of you may have read in our previous blog article, Rafiki was the first 3D wooden bowtie of its kind, with quite the manufacturing process to get to the finished product. Rafiki means, "friend," in Swahili, and we sure hope you find a friend in Rajiki. The main body of the tie is mostly birchwood and available in a number of different stained colors. Its certainly one of Wood Leon's most unique and architecturally-complex creations.


As you can see, wood is nothing short of amazing. Its qualities allow for both stunning beauty and extraordinary functionality. Let us know in the comments below or in a separate message what wood creations you have seen that have blown your mind! We hope you continue to spread the wood and harness its awesome power and potential.


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