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What's with the Swag? Recommendations and Insights on Company Swag

As a business, do you ever think it's a huge waste of time to invest in company gear or swag? Do you just assume employees don't care and to use the company budget elsewhere? Think again! In this article, we'll go over not only why investing in employees through, "swag," is important, but what employees want in terms of company gear. Feel free to add a comment below of what company gift/gear you would most want as an employee!


As a previous employee of multi-million dollar companies, I can attest that those little things (the shirts, the notebooks, the pens, etc.) can go a long way, especially if you're on a college or a fairly recent college grad budget.


We'll explore a few gear/swag options here, perhaps some you may not have even thought of in the past.


Desk Plants

Desk Plants

(Image credit, SwagUp, https://www.swagup.com/blog/coolest-swag-of-2020)


This idea is credited to SwagUp, a fairly new company-swag-focused business based in New Jersey, that has grown to 40 employees or so and 10,000 clients in under three years.  In their article on best swag ideas (updated in October of this year), desk plants (surprisingly or not) is #1 on their list. For those at your company especially bored of the normal shirts and pens, this is very likely to spice up their work-life, workspace, and perception of the company and leadership.


Water Bottles

Bali Bottle SnackNation Article

(Image credit, SnackNation, https://snacknation.com/blog/company-swag/)

In Ashley Bell's SnackNation article, water bottles come in at #2 on their list. The company's mission involves finding healthier snacks to provide for healthier-minded people. Additionally, through their partnership with Feeding America, meals are getting to families in need for every box delivered.

For more of a generic and utility swag option, water bottles are a great pick. Pretty much no matter where you go (including what office you enter), you're likely to find those who are pretty intent on keeping hydrated (some more than others, like my friend, Chris, who made it a priority to drink well over 100 oz a day (think 7-Eleven Big Gulp bottle and more)). Water bottles are also an item that is customizable and has a lot of different color, style, and functional options.


From the Public Forum

These next ideas stem from more public-type open forums, including sources from Quora and Reddit (because who better to ask than the employees actually getting the gear/swag!).

It is surprising and amazing how various the swag items out there. You'll find reports of headphones, a laptop camera cover, reusable grocery bagsumbrellas, and more. Candy dishes, socks, and a golf tee were even featured on Pinterest as other company swag items.

One of the most interesting I cam across that is affordable seems pretty useful was a branded screwdriver.


Screenshot from Quora Swag Forum Image

(Image/screenshot credit, from photo from Samantha Williamson in Quora swag forum, https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-best-and-most-creative-corporate-swag-youve-ever-seen-or-received-I%E2%80%99m-looking-for-some-promotional-collateral-ideally-something-affordable-for-conventions-partners-clients-etc)


The screwdriver features both Philips and Flat heads, a flashlight, and a built-in carabiner. Props to Sandia National Labs for that cool piece of gear!


Thankfully, the world is not in short supply of swag and swag suppliers. If you're looking for the next unique piece of gear for your employees or even yourself and your family, we would love to get you some customized gear right here from Wood Leon!

Customizable Key Accessory

Customizable Patch Hat

Burl Waterbottle

From customizable burl waterbottles to trucker hats to tie clips, Wood Leon has a variety of apparel and gear that may provide the finishing touch to your company's or family's holiday season! The least of which being the Wood Leon wooden necktie

Wooden Necktie in Box

Even customize the bamboo box!


We hope that whatever your situation is, corporate or private, you consider the impact of good, quality gear, including swag you can personalize. Gifts from the heart, even it's small, can go a long way.


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